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Davis Magnet School "Greenovation"

GREEN[REN]OVATION - Davis Magnet School Greenovation Report
A technical and psychological assessment of energy & health in the classroom at the Davis Magnet School

Acoustical Post-Construction Assessment

Comparing Davis Magnet School Student Outcomes
January 2013 Greenovation Survey

August 2013 Greenovation Statistics and Information
July 2013 Greenovation Statistics and Information

June 2013 Greenovation Statistics and Information
May 2013 Greenovation Statistics and Information

October 2012 Read about the "Greenovation" in the OC Metro

The USGBC Orange County Chapter has partnered with Davis Magnet school to apply “greenovation” to one of their classrooms. One classroom will be renovated with a new energy efficient HVAC system, finishes that contribute to better indoor air quality, the addition of daylighting, better overall lighting levels, and improved acoustics. The other classroom will serve as the control to show the differences between a typical classroom, and a healthy classroom. Davis Magnet is a public school located in Costa Mesa, and is part of the Newport-Mesa School District. This entire project will be designed and constructed at no-cost to the school.

In December 2011, Phase I of the project was completed when all of the sensors were donated and successfully installed by Sunbelt Controls in the two classrooms. The sensors are currently tracking CO2 levels, temperature (inside and out), humidity, light levels, and even when the doors are open or closed. Energy usage is also being tracked, with the energy tracked separately for lights, outlets, and the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. The readings are transmitted to a remote computer where both Sunbelt Controls and the chapter can track the classrooms’ current metrics. We are continuing to gather data in order to have a clear benchmark in place when we retrofit the classroom over the students’ summer break, which will be Phase II of the project.

From the readings, we have already been able to see interesting results, and report back to the school with simple actions they can take can take today to lower their energy usage and improve the air quality for their students. All of our suggestions resulted in free cost savings and improvements for the school.

To date, we have had a tremendous amount of support for the project from the school, volunteers within the chapter, and the building and construction community. We are extremely thankful for the incredible support, and are looking for more supporters to get us across the finish line. If you would like to get involved, please contact our executive director, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

A very special thank you to those who have already pledged their support:

$25,000+                              Title Partner/Living Green Classroom Champion

                                                LPA, Inc.                                                               

                                                McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.      

Pacific Rim Mechanical                                 

                                                Sunbelt Controls                                             

$10,000-24,999                   Platinum Green Classroom Champion



$7,500-9,999                       Gold Green Classroom Champion

Corporate Business Interiors (CBI)         

ISEC, Inc.                                                           

TMAD Taylor & Gaines                          

$5,000-7,400                       Silver Green Classroom Champion


Norman Wright/Price                                   

Shimahara Illustration, Inc.                       


 $2,500-4,999                       Bronze Green Classroom Champion

American Wrecking                                    

Berg Electric                                                     

CMF Inc. (Custom Metal Fabricators)    

Golden State Framing                            

Guida Surveying                                 

HMC Group                                                




Miller Environmental                           

Nevell Group Inc.                               


Performance Contracting Group                      

Price Industries                                               

South Coast Coatings

$1,000-2,499                       Certified Green Classroom Champion



Bragg Crane                                                 


GMbC Media Productions                        

Robert Ortiz

Saint-Gobain/Certain Teed            

$100-999                              Friend of the Green Classroom

Alert Insulation                                              


Commercial Interior Resources (CIR)     

City Electric Supply- Burbank                    



Georgia Pacific                                      

Tim Harrison

IMA + Design                                                   


Pan Pacific                                                         

Prudential Lighting                                       

RBF, a Baker Company                                 

Studio + Architects